Observations From Mobile March 2011

Mobile March 2011 has come to a close, and here are a few of my observations and favorite quotes from the event!

  • “Texting is the gateway drug to mobile application use.” - Jack Philbin, Mobile Marketing Association, Vibes Media
  • “Social and mobile work better together.” - Jack Philbin, Mobile Marketing Association, Vibes Media
  • Need proof of how well social and mobile work together? #mmtc11 was the top trending event in Minneapolis before the keynote was even halfway done!
  • “Developing N apps for N platforms doesn’t scale.” - Mark Nutter. Great argument for developing for the mobile web versus mobile apps.
  • What’s working today in mobile marketing? Discounts/Coupons, News Alerts, and Customer Service.
  • Mobile needs to be special. Average is not good enough to create a positive experience for the consumer.
  • Linking a QR code back to your standard web site is a “kindergarten mistake”
  • 150 million facebook mobile users account for twice as much usage as non-mobile users. - Peter Pascale
  • Development environments for Window Phone 7 and iOS seem to be much more advanced and easy to use than Android.
  • Twitter FTW! After the first session, I literally stopped taking notes and focused on tweeting. Not only was I able to converse with other attendees in-session, but I have a searchable record of all of our observations in the cloud (In fact, I used it to compile this list).

Overall, this was a great conference, and one that I definitely plan on attending again!

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