New Love: Podcasts

In 2011, I’ve started actively listening to iTunes podcasts and absolutely love them. My favorite time to listen is while I travel. Whether it’s while driving, flying or anywhere else on the go, they’re perfect for passing the time and learning something along the way. Podcasts make me feel productive and I’m able to learn or laugh depending on the type of podcast I am listening to. This is the best thing about podcasts available on iTunes: they don’t cost anything. They’re free to download!

Podcasts are a great way to hear experts’ thoughts around specific topics and the easiest way to find a good one is searching by area of interest. The majority of the time, anything you look up successfully yields a related podcast. Some podcasts are more focused while some are there just to give you a good laugh.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of listening to podcasts is trying out different ones to see which podcasts fit your personality, preferred length and style. Each podcast can have a different feel, and it takes some time to weed out the bad ones from the good ones.

Below I have weeded out a few of my favorites for social media and technology.

• Sundog: The Podcast (Of course, I had to put a plug in for our podcast!)
• Twig: This Week in Google
• This Week in Social Media
• BTR: Social Geek Radio: Blog Talk Radio
• Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
• TedTalks: Ideas Worth Spreading
• InsidePR

Podcasts are also great because you’re able to listen to them when it fits your schedule whether it’s an hour to kill or a 20-minute car ride. They can also be saved, so if you want to listen to one in a year, you can! Podcasts can also be transferred anywhere your iTunes lives.

Podcasts are here to stay and if you haven’t tried listening to one, you’re missing out on one of the best sources of learning in your area of interest.

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