Fargo Marathon + Mobile, Part 2: When Running Met Social

So have you installed your favorite running app yet?  If so, then you are ready for the next great way that you can incorporate mobile into running.  It is time to bring your social world and your running world together! Here are three social networks that you can use on your mobile device to keep up with race day happenings:

Twitter is by far my favorite social network to access via mobile during events. While I will be following several of my “Tweeple” as they take part in race day activities, the exciting part of Twitter comes not from who you are following, but rather the topics you are watching.  The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. There is already a hashtag set up for the Fargo Marathon. It is, unsurprisingly, #fargomarathon.  While it is fairly dormant now, it will become more and more active as race day approaches. On race day itself, it becomes your mobile connection to everyone around you. Do a search for the #fargomarathon topic and you will see all of the related tweets as they come in. If you are watching, you will see at least a couple from me, as I patiently (nervously) wait for my relay team member at the last checkpoint. I plan on tweeting my observations and pics via my @MobileNP account. And do you want to share that great mobile pic of the guy running backwards with the rest of the world? Do it with TwitPic, a secondary service that allows you to easily hook up media uploads to your tweets!

Of course Facebook makes this list. The Fargo Marathon has its own Facebook page, so it is easy to catch official announcements and join in conversations from your mobile device. This is a great source of information, and a good place to get your questions answered. Skimming over it now, I see that there are people from out of town asking about the weather (do we need sunscreen in Fargo?), hotel reservations, and local eateries. There are also race specific questions (where will the results will be posted?), and some people who are logging their training on the page (I am so nervous! This is my very 1st 10k….). Like Twitter, expect a dramatic increase in traffic as the race day nears. And also like Twitter, Facebook allows you to easily post mobile pics.  Snap a pic with your phone and upload it to Facebook in one step via the Android or iPhone apps, so we can all see that hilarious marathon sign that is across the street from you…

Last but not least, make sure you check in on FourSquare on race day. There will be locations for the start/finish line as well as each relay checkpoint. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one for each mile marker too. This is a great way to promote race parties and see who else in your network is in the same vicinity. I’m looking forward to seeing who’s hanging out at the last relay checkpoint with me…


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