Fargo Marathon + Mobile, Part 3: We Want Mobile Web

In my previous two blogs, I talked about current ways that you can enhance your Fargo Marathon experience via mobile. Now it is time to talk about a way that we could make the marathon even better next year! We need the Mobile Web!

The Fargo Marathon’s standard web page has a lot of great information on it. Unfortunately, the content and navigation are designed for a desktop user, and viewing it on a mobile device simply doesn’t work. To be fair, very few of the marathon websites that I researched catered to the mobile community, not even the Boston Marathon. But that doesn’t mean that Fargo can’t be the innovator here.

Certain things, such as course maps, contact numbers, and race status would be a godsend for runners as well the spectators. Race day content, such as race results and photos, streaming media content, real time leader information, and links to mobile weather radar would make the mobile experience that much better. I can easily imagine spectators using their tablet to view real time results and race leader information… maybe even the split times for their favorite runner. And every runner I know is looking for their race results as soon as they find an Internet connection. Why not make it easy to find from their phone?

Another option could be to provide navigation links on the web page, for instance a link to Google Maps. This would serve two functions. First, it would provide easy directions to Fargo for the people coming in from out of town, as well as directions to the Fargodome for registration and check in. Second, it could provide dynamic course maps for runners who want to get a feel for the course before the big day.

According to Neilson, there will soon be more mobile Internet users that desktop Internet users. It is time to embrace that fact. I am looking forward to a more mobile marathon in 2012.


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