Women With Wallets

Mike Shields of ADWEEK argues that Zynga, the maker of popular online games such as FarmVille (47 million players a month) and CityVille (88 million players a month) brought about the death of One Life to Live and All My Children. “Erica Kane survived a dozen marriages…but she was done in by FarmVille.”

Today, more women work outside of the home than ever before. And, those who work at home would rather connect with real friends on Facebook and Twitter instead of virtual friends on television.

According to Newsweek, “Even before the financial crisis, the spending power of women was increasing in both rich and poor countries. The downturn has accelerated the trend, particularly in the United States. American men lost more jobs (they worked in the hardest-hit areas like financial services and manufacturing), whereas women started more companies. The pay gap has also continued to decrease. In 35 percent of double-income households in the United States, wives now make more than their husbands, up from 28 percent five years ago.”

The all-important demographic of women 25-54 is taking on even more significance. They make the majority of buying decisions in American households and their earning power continues to climb. Marketers need to look beyond traditional media channels and find engaging ways to reach them where they are increasingly spending their time – online social sites and games.


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