Social Media Impact With #MinotFlood

We are familiar with flooding in Fargo, ND, and have used social mediums in the past three years to communicate, share and inform our community with flood-related updates. Similarly, Minot, ND, has capitalized on social media during one of the most catastrophic floods in North Dakota history. The epic flooding is stretching beyond our regional borders and garnering plenty of national news coverage from outlets such as CNN and The Weather Channel. Not only are they writing articles about the experience, they are sharing flood-related stories, photos and videos through their corporate YouTube, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Social media news blog,, has published a blog post about the flooding and Tweets related to the flood. They note, “As we’ve seen during other natural disasters, many people turn to social media channels to share news, information and prayers. We’ve curated some of the images and messages from Minot, which has a population of about 35,000.” See the blog post here: Minot, ND Flood Mashable Article

While the national news coverage continues to rise, a KXNews in Minot has taken the role of social community leader. KXNews has accumulated over 35,000 likes on their Facebook Page by providing information and timely flood-related updates. This page is a valuable resource to the community because of the quality of content on the page. Many of the posts are user generated including photos, videos and stories relating to experiences and specific situations. Users have even sprinkled in some uplifting, inspirational posts like the “Fun Flood Beards” photos for the flood fight.

Locally and nationally, people are using the #MinotFlood hashtag to communicate information and share stories. The news might even follow these Tweets and use them as story leads by contacting Tweeters when writing feature stories. Please feel free to share more ways people are using the online world to communicate about the flood below in the comment box. Though the water has crested, many still wait for the water levels to decrease. As a community who knows the effects of flooding, our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Minot, North Dakota.


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