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Over the past couple of weeks, I have been listening to podcasts, reading blog posts and dabbling in Google+.  While the world is trying out the new social media platform, there is still a lot of debate about whether Google+ will take the place of Facebook and Twitter, or begin its own niche within the social media industry. Here, I will share a few of my own thoughts and feelings about the platform.

First, I don’t believe it will take the place of Twitter or Facebook. I see Google+ as an additional social tool, like the current dominating social platforms. I use each network for a different purpose as I will probably use Google+ in its own way. I currently use Twitter to connect with industry experts, share links and gather knowledge about a specific topic. On Facebook, I like to connect with family and friends, share photos and keep up to date with my favorite brands. I haven’t found my niche for Google+ yet, although I do like the +1 linking bucket and hangout feature. As Google+ uses ideas from other social media networks, I also see Facebook and Twitter taking ideas from Google+. Significantly different features such as hangouts, where users are able to video-chat with multiple people at once, are tools I see Facebook eventually adopting.

Secondly, I don’t for see everyone on Facebook creating an account and adding to Google+ social graph. Facebook is something the general public has become familiar with in layout, content and usability. Keeping track of upgrades in Facebook is time-consuming enough without trying to learn another social medium on the side. I do see this transition being simpler for the tech savvy individual—those who desire to put the time in to learn and become accustomed to Google+. As the new social medium is still in its infant stages, we can expect many changes, upgrades, and flaws to be cleaned up within the platform.

If you are curious about Google+, I recommend you create a Google Profile and try it out. Push yourself out of the box and see how it would be useful for you. Below are a few resources that I think are great to read and listen to about Google+.

Google+: First Impressions

PODCAST: This Week in Google
Listen to podcasts: June 29th and July 6th episodes.

Google+: Google Launches Google+ to Battle Facebook

Real Goal is not to Kill Facebook but to Force it to Open


What do you think about Google+? Will it find it’s own niche or just become another unwatched social media platform?


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