The Shift Happening on the Web

As people are spending more time on social media the behavior of our online activity is changing. Time spent in these social networks is nothing new as you can see from this2010 Mashable article. It’s the shift we are beginning to see on the web in how we gain our information that is changing.  In December of 2011, Comscore reported that social networking ranked as the most popular content category in online engagement, accounting for 19% of all consumer time spent online.  Instead of finding a website and looking at a webpage on your own, you are more likely to find one through friends who send you a message or notification.

The majority of our online attention is on social media and through those mediums we are getting more messages and types of messages from our relationships: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the list can go on.  These messages are the new starting point for the online space. We are discovering new things from these notification messages and relationships (Pinterest anyone?!). As we move to a web page, more often than not it is usually found through something shared with us.

This shift is something that is happening and doesn’t mean another shift won’t be in our future. As a business this is something to think about. How is your business taking advantage of this shift? As the web is changing and the way people are finding information is changing, as a business it is important to make sure you are aware and at the leading edge of this shift rather than falling behind.

References: The Message is the Medium – Attention is Shifting from the Web to the Stream

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