The Future of Technology

In marketing and technology, Sundog increasingly relies on data analysis and other insight prediction tools that help formulate the next successful solution. We seek to determine these predictions as confirmation of where our efforts are, where they are going, and what attainable result we are trying to achieve.

It is in this way that we shape the future. The solutions we provide for our customers today will form the basis for future enhanced tools to achieve even more. We build upon solutions over time and, if done correctly, they provide efficiency, growth and the next great opportunity for businesses that will utilize them.

While forecasting the future is always a somewhat dubious endeavor, this infographicpredicts emerging technologies in several industries over the next 30 years. While some of them may seem far-fetched now, it serves as a good reminder that many of the methodologies and technologies we utilize today were also once just a vision, or for that matter, unfathomable.

The future looks promising, indeed.



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