Casino Customer “Marriage Counseling”

Why are you losing your best players?

The reasons aren’t different than why other relationships end.

1. You’re not romantic enough.
You think it’s the gambling that actually matters. It’s not. I mean it is, but like every other purchase choice people make these days—it’s more about making them feel good about themselves. Casino players—like customers of Starbucks, Apple, Nike, or Rolex—need to feel good about spending time and money with you. It’s not about the price tag…it’s about the value of the time spent.

2. You’re not spending enough time at home.

You’re not listening to your players, or taking the time to get to really understand them. And I mean really get to know them—their lives, their families, their careers, and their bad habits. You have perfect knowledge of their gameplay, but the relationship is built on everything but the numbers. If you’re not regularly face-to-face with your best players, and/or not regularly surveying them…then start before they leave you.

3. You’re too unpredictable.
Can your players count on you…night after night? Will they seem the same people? Will the food be consistently good? Will every promotion be worth participating in? Far too often, the slot machines are even more consistent than the customer experience, which is exactly the opposite of what your customer service goal should be!

4. You’re convinced the grass is greener.

You spend too much time trying to woo new players, instead of appreciating the players you have.

5. You’re a bad gift-giver.
Breaking news: other casinos are trying to steal your best players. And just like in a marriage, if you’re not working at the relationship the temptation can be tough to ignore. Be sure you’re polling your competition to see what the expectations of your biggest players might be. Don’t be sending a card when someone else is sending roses.

6. You take a mile, when given an inch.
Want to annoy your current, loyal players? Keep asking for more and more from them without rewarding them properly. Or conversely, take away something they love. Do you even know which of your points/perks your players appreciate the most? Then go back to #2.

7. You’re impossible to fight with.

No matter how much you pay out. No matter how much you woo and reward and make sure the Prime Rib on the buffet is cooked just right—the way to almost-immediately cancel out all that hard work is to have a poor complaint-resolution system. And it’s more common than not. Given the amount of “ownership” that big players feel at their favorite casino, you’d better treat them like owners when things go wrong. That doesn’t mean you give in at every turn, it means that you have a real system for solving problems that consistently fixes the problem to the players’ satisfaction.

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