boasts ten million users

The team at must be reveling in the sweet taste of success. TechCrunch just profiled’s rapid rise with these statistics: From its launch five years ago with half a million accounts in its first year, now reports ten million registered users, $1 trillion in loans and assets and $80 billion in credit and debit transactions.

Granted, much of the growth can be linked to its acquisition by Intuit in 2009, when only had 1.7 million users.  How quickly things changed.

Bolstered by Intuit’s brand power, customer base of Turbo Tax, Quicken and QuickenBooks users, and key alliances with thousands of banks and credit unions,’s unique personal financial management (PFM) service has struck a virtual chord with users.

As reported in TechCrunch, one of those chords is mobile. launched in Sept. of 2007, right about the time of the first iPhones. Today, as reported in the article, 70% of users use iPhone and iPad as their main Mint portal alongside the main website. Plus, with iOS and Android apps, users can do pretty much anything from their mobile devices, like add new banks and modify budgets on the fly. That kind of mobile use is even driving user-experience design decisions for the web interface.

Ahead, the TechCrunch report hints at a future Near Field Communication (NFC) offering from, considering that an NFC-enabled iPhone could be a very real offering in the distant future.  That topic received a predictable “no comment” from execs.

Meanwhile, rumors aside, continues to march on with its mission to help people understand and do more with their money. One press report called it: “Your financial situation in the palm of your hand.”

Ten million users would seem to agree.

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