The New Camera Phone

One aspect of Android that has always piqued my interest has been it’s versatility.  From the very beginning of Android’s conception, there has been talk that Android was meant for more than just cell phones.  We have seen this come about with all kinds of devices that are powered by Android ranging from home appliances to cars to game consoles and everything in between.

There seems to be another new product coming out.  This product is an actual point and shoot camera running the Android operating system.  I am surprised it has taken this long for something like this to be released.  As new smartphones are developed, the hardware, software, and performance of the cameras have been steadily increasing.  With this increase we have seen that there are more and more users using their smartphone camera as their primary camera.  The new breed of point and shoot Android cameras have just taken this one step further.

As of now there are two cameras that are getting ready to go mainstream.  There is an offering from Nikon and an offering from Samsung.

Nikon Android Point and Shoot
Samsung Galaxy S Camera

The Samsung is said to have similar specs to the Galaxy SIII with a Wifi only model and a model with a 3g radio with data only connectivity.  The Nikon is said to be Wifi only.

I think this is a great idea.  Both options are said to have access to the Google Play Store.  With access to so many applications, you could take really nice pictures, edit them using your favorite image editing software in the Google Play Store, and share the images to your favorite social networks all within the same device.  For as much as some people use their smartphones as cameras, I think the next logical step would be to offer a similar solution only with voice capabilities (I know, you could technically use either offering with GrooVe IP to make and receive calls but you get the point)

Would you use a camera running Android?

I’ll leave you with Apple’s offering of their new camera phone (it’s really a parody)

LEAKED Official iPhone 5 Promo Video

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  1. Chester Keefe says:

    Most camera phones are simpler than separate digital cameras. Their usual fixed focus lenses and smaller sensors limit their performance in poor lighting. Lacking a physical shutter, most have a long shutter lag. Flash, where present, is usually weak. ..

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