Sundog Spotlight: DIRK

Following a bevy of corporate blogs before us, I bring to you The Sundog Spotlight—a weekly, behind-the-screens look at the people who are making big things happen at Sundog. Let’s kick things off with someone who’s quickly climbing the ranks of new office favorite, thanks to his pom pom gloves and great sense of humor: Dirk.


Position at Sundog:
I’m a web developer/experience architect. It’s fancy way of saying I build websites and widgets.

Favorite thing about being a ‘Dogger:
I get the opportunity to work with some of the brightest people in our industry.  I genuinely enjoy coming to work each day.

Bragging rights:
I’m told I make a pretty awesome donut (or doughnugget as we’ve dubbed them at Sundog). I think there are a few Sundoggers who would back me up.

Currently listening to:
My playlist is a smattering of just about every genre you could imagine (yes, country, too). I’ve been listening to a lot of Yellowcard and The Maine lately, though.

Dream vacation spot:
Call me odd, but I’ve really come to like the Seattle area. There’s an ocean, a few volcanoes, a temperate rainforest and a big city all next to each other. It’s impossible to be bored.

Favorite thing to do in Fargo:
Besides work at Sundog (truth)? I love biking through our amazing park system. We’re fortunate to live in a city that has miles and miles of bike trails. Riding along the river after a busy day is a great way to unwind. And yes, I’m still going to attempt biking once it snows.

Advice for students or other professionals looking to enter the industry
Never be afraid to make your own opportunities. Whether that means freelancing for a non-profit or building up a portfolio of sample work, jump in with both feet. It’s not only a great way to refine your skillset, but it’s a great way to show potential employers that you are serious.

Favorite Meme:
I’m a huge fan of Philosoraptor. He ponders the tough questions that the rest of us are too embarrassed (or too busy) to think about. An example: “If time is money and the ATM gives you money, then is the ATM a time machine?” That’s deep.

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