Tracking Social Media

Tracking social media is key these days, yet it’s one of the most challenging things for companies to do. Google Analytics is the go-to tool to track such a thing in most cases. While this tool is able to tell us a few things, it doesn’t bring the full story together.

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It’s important to keep in mind while tracking social media that referral traffic includes more than only your page’s content. Referral traffic from Facebook is not just the posts your page is sharing from your brand’s page. This is any traffic coming from This traffic could be Facebook ads, posts people are sharing and your company’s posts as well.

If you want to see a dollar value back to your social media efforts, it’s essential to put specific trafficking measures in place on your posts directly. Once directed to your website, you can then track conversions and leads from that data. This way, you can directly say, “I have X amount of leads from my page’s Facebook posts.” After you have the number of leads, you can identify the return on investment and how much money was put into a Facebook post to generate X amount of leads.

While tracking is an important part of social media, there are some things you need to think about. Is driving traffic to the website to convert as a lead necessarily the best thing? Sure, you will get the numbers but what about driving engagement and building the relationship on the page? This question throws me for a loop as I want to drive leads but that isn’t my primary purpose of social media. My purpose is to drive engagement, build trust and loyalty with the brand. That way when users eventually want to purchase a product, they will come to my company but not feel that I am trying to sell something driving users back to the website in every post. It’s a happy medium that is worth balancing. People want a company that cares about people, not about selling more products.

When it comes to tracking social media, I would really like to track leads but also want to use social media to build relationships. In the end it is the game of balancing, trying to meet your company’s goals and defining why you need a budget vs. developing a humanized value of your brand.

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