Sundog Spotlight: CHRIS

Welcome back to the Sundog Spotlight. After a break for Halloween, you got to know a little bit more about Heather. This week you’re getting another glimpse into the Fargo office, with some info about the hilarious and wonderful Chris.

spotlight chris

Position at Sundog:
I am a Support Coordinator.  I work directly with our clients and Sundog team members to troubleshoot issues and ensure software stability.

Favorite thing about being a ‘Dogger:
Sundog is filled with a group of uniquely talented individuals, which makes for an interesting workplace.

Best thing about Fargo
The thing I like most about Fargo is the culture. With over 100,000 people in the metro area, it still has the ability to feel like a small town.

How you spend the weekends:
In the summer, I like to spend my weekends at the lake fishing and relaxing. During the winter I like to stay inside and do nothing, but I usually have chores around the house.

Favorite TV show:
There is a lot of good stuff on TV, but my favorite show right now is probably Dexter.

Thing you can’t live without:
In the morning, it is coffee. Why stop at the Starbucks machine? Let’s hire a barista.

What are your nicknames:
When I was younger, friends called me Woody.

Thing that makes you cringe:
Hearing the sound of somebody brushing their teeth. What’s the first rule of brushing your teeth? Shut the door!

And because sharing is caring, you’ll leave us with:
“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol

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