A New Breed of Smart Watch

A little while ago I wrote about the Sony SmartWatch and all of the different and possible uses for it.  A month later Google had announced Project Glass at IO and Alex Berg and I even went into all kinds of details about it in a recent Podcast.  It’s only logical that there would be different ideas merging and being created from these new types of technology.

Meet Google’s mashup of the SmartWatch and Project Glass:

Flip up watch

Google recently patented a smart watch with a flip up display.  This watch draws some of its inspiration from Project Glass.  Essentially it would be able to run applications on the watch.  These applications would sync to your phone via a wireless connection.  The real kicker comes from when you use the flip up display.  The flip up display would be see thru and would allow applications on the watch to interpret what is being seen in inject content based off of what you were looking at.  Using the power of Google Goggles, I think that there could be endless possibilities to the amount of cool things this watch could do.  It could really help give augmented reality a boost in the right direction.  I see people using a watch like this for things like getting directions overlayed on a real world view, being able to point it at a product (or any object) and get more information on it, and even translate text in real time.

Much like Project Glass, I think that once this product is closer to reality and developers are able to really start writing applications for it, we will really start to see all the different applications for it that have not yet been thought of.

What are your thoughts?  Would you use a flip up watch like this?  If so, what would you use it for most?

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