Android SDK Tools, Revision 21 – Released

If you are an Android developer you have probably noticed by now how fast the Android SDK tools team has been progressing with adding new features to the SDK tools.  If you haven’t, take my word for it, they are doing a great job.  It seems like each new revision comes with some great tools that really make the Android developer’s job easier.  Revision 21 is no exception.

The most notable changes to this revision are a new multi-config editor, new Lint rules, a new UI test framework for automating testing and QA, one-click SDK download, and new app templates.  The feature I have been using the most since downloading this revision is the Mult-config editor.


The multi-config editor lets you develop and prototype your UI across various orientations, screen sizes, and locales.  With the click of a button you can preview your UI across a number of different devices and screen sizes.  The multi-config editor also allows you to see how your fragments will behave across those devices.

Other notable changes are the new templates that give you easy to add screens to use for a full-screen activity for use as a photo or video viewer, a setting activity to handle basic user preferences, and a login activity to capture username/password.  I think these templates really give a good way for helping applications stay consistent across multiple developers.  This really helps with the user experience.

The UI Automator Test Framework is also interesting.  While I have not had a chance to try it out it does provide an easy way to automate UI testing.  Once I get a chance to really work with this I will be able to give more information on using it.

With all these new features that are included all the time, which feature do you feel is missing?

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