MOTODEV Studio for Android

If you are an Android developer you have probably seen or used Motorola Mobility’s MOTODEV Studio.  MOTODEV Studio used to be a standalone installation.  It was essentially an instance of Eclipse with a plethora of plugins that make it super useful for Android development.  These plugins included enhanced workflows, the ability to easily localize content to other languages, browse and manipulate SQLite databases, drag and drop reusable code snippets, and a wizard for creating Java code for Android applications.  These plugins made it a lot easier to build applications quickly.  The plugin I found myself using the most was using snippets for databases and the ability to browse and manipulate the same databases.


No longer is MOTODEV Studio a standalone application.  Motorola Mobility open-sourced key features in their development tool so now you can build and install those plugins into any instance of Eclipse.  The code has been merged with the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) repository.

I think this is a great idea and will help make the tools better and even more useful for developers by allowing contributors.  If you have not tried MOTODEV studio, I would recommend trying it out to see if it can help you with your development.

If you have used MOTODEV Studio, what are your thoughts?  Are you glad it has been merged with AOSP?

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