Online Announcements for Cyber Monday

While browsing through online deals this weekend I’ve taken an interest in the way that Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are displayed on e-commerce sites. From small-business Etsy shops to big box retailers, there are a few common design elements being utilized to advertise these major online sales. While many retailers offer regular everyday sales, Cyber Monday deals should be displayed in a more noticeable way to quickly catch a consumer’s attention, as many consumers are shopping around from site to site for the best deals. Across a number of e-commerce sites, I noticed the main Cyber Monday announcement designs are banners, rollover ads, navigation bar announcements, and hero spot announcements.



Rollover Ad


Navigation Bar Announcement




Hero Spot Announcement


As a consumer, I realized that I had quickly “trained” myself to look for these design elements in search of deals while shopping online this weekend. When a special deal wasn’t immediately evident, I didn’t spend very much time on the website.

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