Facebook Strategy for Photographers

Before I jump into this blog post, let me give you a little background. Outside of my day job in social media, I shoot some photography on the side. While I manage a Facebook Page and website for my small business, I sit thinking in my off time how to take advantage of social media for my photography business. When thinking specifically about Facebook and social media, I wanted to share my thoughts around why photographers actually have an advantage when it comes to managing a Facebook Page.

If we think about how the Facebook Algorithm works, they take a few things into consideration:

1. Timeliness of Posts
2. Amount of Engagement
3. How connected the user currently is to your page

Keep in mind, in September, Facebook updated these rules for pages. This update resulted in pages having a more difficult time to get into a users newsfeed organically. Why? Facebook wants to make money and who else to make it from than businesses?! They also want their users to see the most valuable information tailored to them in their newsfeed. Facebook wants businesses to use promoted posts feature. If you use a promoted post, you are paying money to get your post into more newsfeeds. (But lucky for photographers, we have a small way around this!)  Read more about the Facebook changes in this blog.

Here are a few things I would recommend from my day job to help a few fellow photographers:

Tag as many of your clients as you can in the image. This will most of the time allow the images to show up on their profiles. (Depending on their privacy settings) Once your client’s friend see the new image with your client in it, the engagement begins. One person, two people and as they continue to rise, your image will be shared in more newsfeed’s organically without paying for the extra promoted post. Unfortunately, in order to tag someone, your personal profile has to be friends with that person. If you are concerned about this, I would recommend creating a friends list called “Clients” and limit what they can see on your personal profile.

People LOVE sneak peeks. Any time you give a limited quality of photos, more people want to see it, look at it and check back to your page more often. This helps build how connected each person is to your page ultimately bringing your posts into their newsfeed’s more often.

The next thing I would recommend photographers to do is to keep your page active. There is a fine line between posting too much and not enough, so make sure you find that sweet spot! I would personally recommend to share only quality content. When you post just to post, that is when you may turn a few fans away.

There are many ways to share images on Facebook and I haven’t quite mastered the BEST way yet. Some photographers share one image at a time, while others share albums. Some even just use Facebook to drive users to their website or blog by sharing a link. In this case, their main objective is to drive traffic to their website/blog. However, I feel that if you share more on Facebook, you begin to build relationships and get more people to see your imagery. This can be a great way to gain new clients.

I personally have received about 80% of my clients through Facebook rather than my website. Don’t get me wrong, my website has a purpose! I believe a website helps establish credibility. Many times, I found people have more confidence in me when I had a website along with my Facebook. It was another way for them to check out my credibility. I mean ANYONE can create a Facebook page, right!? Yes, but to execute a strategy well, is another thing.

I hope this blog post helped you with your Facebook strategy and social media presence. Again, being a photographer and having a Facebook page can be one of the best marketing mediums. Make sure you utilize it, execute with quality content and continue to drive a successful business.

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