Nokia Uses Gamification To Motivate Windows Phone Developers

It’s fun to root for the underdog. It’s not as fun to be one. Windows Phone has struggled to capture even a small piece of the mobile phone pie because of a myriad of reasons. Perhaps the biggest problem has been the inability to motivate developers to make great applications that users want. A new gamified system for developers has been made in hopes to solve the problem.

According to the official YouTube channel, DVLUP is a “game and reward system created by Nokia for Windows Phone developers.”

Watch the full teaser video from Nokia below:

Welcome to DVLUP by Nokia Developer

While the program is currently only available to a few developers, the video outlines that DVLUP will leverage game elements like badges, experience points and leaderboards to motivate developers to make more applications. Rewards will be given to developers who participate.

It’s still in beta, but I’m curious to see how much success DVLUP finds. Traditionally, developers have been one of the most receptive groups to gamified systems. (Have you heard of Stack Overflow?) But there’s lots of research that says a heavy reliance on extrinsic motivation isn’t a good practice.

Will a gamified system help the fledgling Windows Phone? Maybe. In the meantime, it also might help to improve marketing, poor relationships with carriers and numerous delays.

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