Touting Tout

Never heard of Tout?

You will soon. It was launched in April of 2011, has over 90 million current users, and already has Shaquille O’Neal on it’s Board of Directors. Skip Bayless, The Wall Street Journal, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Live With Kelly and Michael are already fans. As are Coke, Red Bull, and Nike.

Tout is like Twitter, but instead of 140 characters, you instead use 15-second videos to tell your story. Why 15 seconds? Because 15 seconds keeps the conversation flowing. It allows you to “capture the moment” in ways that Twitter and Facebook can’t. It also allows for easily updating the videos you capture to share with your other social networks.

“It’s like a video-based Twitter,” said Tout’s CEO and founder, Michael Downing. “Users can upload 15-second video feeds and everything is played in real time. The platform also allows you to share your feed with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends and more, all within 30 seconds.”

Tout currently has just 34 employees, but given the rise of the visual web, it’s continued growth is expected…with potentially skyrocketing results.

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