Your Authorship: The Next Evolution Of Search

In the world of content, we have watched as search has evolved. Panda and Penguin, the most recent ranking updates to Google, focused on relevant search, combating link tactics and removing spam, thereby advancing SEO from a more primitive state of keyword search to keywords + user relevant content search. This shift created a movement toward a more deliberate content approach and an extended focus on many types of content, including social.

Your social content (blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and more), has become increasingly more important. The role of the social channels, from a content marketing perspective, is to communicate with your customers without “selling” to them. Instead of pushing a message, through interruption methods, you instead create value by providing content that educates and assists them.  They access this content and see you and your organization as a thought-leader. AuthorRank, an algorithm still in development, will likely leverage this social importance in the search process soon.

Specifically, AuthorRank will consider the authority of the individual who created the content and will rank the content using different factors. In other words, the more relevant content you write and the more that others engage with your content, the higher you will rank. Credible sources claim that this is not a matter of if but when. For a deeper discussion on AuthorRank, SEOmoz has a great article.

It appears that search is getting closer and closer to the personal assistant we have all been looking for. Give me what I need, when I need it; make it reliable and in the right context. It turns out that Google is seeking to do just that – it is only a matter of time.

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