Never Change, Holiday Ads

Can you imagine if every year during the Super Bowl, Pepsi and Doritos played the same commercials they did the year before? Can you imagine if almost every brand played the same commercial, or used the same characters and plot lines? During an event where having the newest and coolest commercial is always the goal, that just wouldn’t fly.

In fact, forget the Super Bowl. Having the same commercials year after year, no matter what’s on TV, would never really fly. If we were still watching the same Radio Shack ads that appeared in 1989 no one would know what was going on.

So is there ever any exception? Only one time of year: Christmas. Holiday commercials from some of the biggest brands tend to remain unchanged for years, whether they use the exact same commercial or the same characters and plot lines. And when one of the goals of marketing remains to reach people at a deeper level and really connect with them, these holiday ads makes sense. A dose of good feelings delivered by these ads remind consumers of happy years gone by. Holidays are sentimental, and brands (yours included) should be eager to take part in that.

So when I sit down this year to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, here are a few of the ads I’m most looking forward to. What are your favorites?

Hershey’s Kisses Christmas Commercial

Oh Tannenpalm

M&Ms – Christmas Faint

Polar Bears “Sledding”

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