Social Media on the Rise – 2013

As 2013 approaches, it’s important to keep in mind that the social media landscape is evolving faster than ever. As some social networks hold their user-base and engagement, there are a few entering into the popular world of successful platforms. Pinterest was the fastest growing platform in 2012 (Neilsen) and we are already starting to see a hint of what will be the next big social media network in 2014. Let’s take a look into Tumblr and Reddit for this blog and how they could be potential rising stars in the social media industry.

More brands are jumping on the Tumblr wagon and creating their own style and feel for their business. Tumblr has seen success over the past year because of its ease of use and sharing of content. You can integrate Tumblr into a website with an RSS feed or iframe. See some examples below of how companies are using Tumblr for their brands.
Tumblr not your Big Brothers Blog Research Examples
10 Brands Making Great Use of Tumblr
Campbell’s Soup

Reddit is a site that at first may look unappealing; however the content is what drives its users. This network seems to have a larger impact on earned offline exposure rather than just online. Gagnam Style, anyone?! On Reddit, you can comment, share, post and read, but it’s all about the community voting up the content. Brands are begging to see this as a “must be there platform”; however their approach has been more under cover. Brands are not signing up with branded account but rather a user then sharing something about the brand.  See this example by Amazon.  During the 2012 election, Barack Obama used Reddit to host a live online Q&A.

A couple other networks to keep an eye on: Path and Tout . I would recommend creating a personal account for each of these platforms to get a feel for them. Then, put together a strategy for your brand and the best way to strategically engage in the platform. One key reminder is wherever your customer connects with the brand; you want to make sure they have a positive user experience of your brand within that platform.

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