2012 Holiday Campaigns

Taking a look into the holiday campaigns this year, I have a couple that jump right into my head, so let’s break them down.

The first holiday campaign that stuck with me is from Target. Instead of seeing the crazy Christmas lady from last year, we are graced with the presence of an awkward couple this year. I personally like the ads, but the thing I love the most is how Target successfully integrated the campaign into all of their marketing mediums. It doesn’t matter what social media network you go to because Target always has the full branded experience on each. Whether you’re following on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr or Facebook, you are experiencing the full brand and network to its potential.

Facebook Post

I would be interested to learn what the consumers thought about this year’s Christmas couple compared to last year’s crazy lady. Through organic listening, there was some negativity around the switch. Here is an article from the announcement of Target discontinuing the Crazy Lady and the comments have mixed reviews. Looking into these conversations could help adjust strategy for next year’s holiday campaign. Target has an excellent opportunity to analyze the sentiment, trending and mediums around these conversations.  Should Target continue to change up the holiday characters or change back to the crazy Christmas lady?

The next campaign that comes to mind is a campaign put on by a social media network itself. Pinterest launched 30 days of Pinspiration  on their website for each of their users to engage with. The campaign is meant to share great examples of how different boards are being used this holiday season. This calendar will reveal different boards each day of the month. The variety in their choice of boards means there are boards for everyone!

I have personally been using Pinterest this Christmas to create my own Christmas list on a Pinterest board. It has become a great way to share with family and friends what I might enjoy. I have also found it very helpful to take a peek at my mom’s and sister’s Pinterest boards as well! The ease to click something and purchase right from the website has been a great experience and made my Christmas shopping much more efficient this year!

These examples show how social media has evolved and how it’s being used to its potential with these brands. This Christmas, brands have turned it up a notch understanding the full experience on the platform which in turn helps drive better loyalty, engagement and builds trust.

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