Interactive Design in 2013: Expressions to listen for

Interactive design is constantly changing to adapt to new technology. As mobile and tablet use has spiked in the past year, design styles have formed around them. This blog takes a look at interactive design expressions you may hear in the upcoming year.

Masonry Layout
Also known as the Pinterest layout, this design style is defined by a grid layout. One of the plus sides to this layout is that it works very well in responsive design, as the number of rows and columns in the grid simply shrink with the size of the window.



Content over Chrome
This phrase may directly stem from the new Microsoft design philosophy, and refers to taking away all clutter from design and putting the content on display.
Stylized user interaction metaphors introduced by Apple IOS that mimic an artifact or a material. For example, the newsstand application on the IOS platform has a design that mimics an actual newsstand.


The Microsoft Design Language is strikingly different that skeuomorphism and is defined by solid colors, text-based buttons, and 2D. The “live tiles” found on mobile devices update information in real time. It is based on simplistic Swiss graphic design and also public transport navigation.


Contextual Design
This refers to mobile design changing based on the user’s location. By accessing location data on your smart phone, a site may change promotions and deals to cater to your current situation.
Parallax Scrolling
A feature borrowed from video games that allows designers to control the depth of elements in their design.



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