The Gift for Hackers

If you’re an individual, an owner of your own little business, or even someone responsible for setting up technology for your relatives, let me stress the importance of reading manuals and setting passwords…

Here’s a 30 minute documentary showing how easy it can be to get access to your data. It’s pointing a pretty big (and albeit dramatic) finger at some big name manufacturers of these devices…

A Gift for the Hackers – Netherlands

Usually when you are setup with an internet connection, you have a router between you and your cable modem. By default, most, if not all, routers that people use here in the U.S. are closed down so it’s generally not as easy as typing in a person’s public IP address….. BUT most people who purchase these routers from a big box store forget to read the manual and change passwords, so a hacker could just as easily log into the router itself and open it up to the world to get access to anything that’s on the network.

When it comes down to it, this isn’t the responsibility of the manufacturers… it’s your responsibility to reset default passwords and setup security to protect you and your business’s data.

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