Where do I get information as a Salesforce Developer?

I can typically get most of the information that I need for development questions and troubleshooting from these resources…

1) Start at developer.force.com.  From this starting point you can get to just about anything that you need.
2) Salesforce documentation on APEX, Visualforce, Governor Limits, SOQL and other topics. Start at developer.force.com, click on ‘Documentation’ in the ‘Technical Library’ on the left hand side.  The quick links on the right-hand side gives you direct access to most of the information that you will use.  But within the tree-view in the middle of the page there are also links to many other reference documents.
3) If I am troubleshooting an error message or if I cannot get something to work right I can typically find the answer in one of two ways
A) Click on the ‘Boards’ link at developer.force.com.  Then type in the problem you have and search for it.  There are so many answers to common problems on the Boards.  Please help to answer questions as you find answers too!
B) Doing a search on Google.  Many times this search will lead me back to the Boards at developerforce, but I have found many answers in personal blogs as well.

I have also used these hash tags on twitter to try to get answers:  #askforce #salesforce #forcedotcom.  #askforce is the most common hash tag that people are watching to help with answering questions.

If I want to do some learning about the force.com platform I usually turn to these options…
1) CodeTalk: developer.force.com/codetalk. These are 30 minute sessions on pre-selected topics and the hosts of the sessions are great resources from Salesforce.  The hash tag on twitter when listening is #codetalklive.
2) Webinars: developer.force.com/content/type/Webinar. Usually once or twice a month there is an hour long webinar.  These webinars cover a wide range of topics and there are some great details including actual working code in many of them.  Once they are produced they are all posted on this one page so you can watch them whenever it works in your schedule. The hash tag used during these shows in #forcewebinar.
3) Cookbooks: Just like my mom has a recipe for making her special desert, we developers need a blueprint on how to get started with something new.  Some great recipes to get us developers started can be found at developer.force.com/cookbook.

Here are some areas that I want to learn more about in 2013.
1) Developer Hangouts from Google+. There is a playlist on youtube that shows these sessions: Developer Hangouts
2) The developerforce facebook site. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/forcedotcom  I th.ink I may be able to keep more up-to-date on upcoming CodeTalk and Webinars by following this page more closely.

What do you use as resources in your day-to-day Salesforce work?

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