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After being active myself on Instagram for about 3 months, I have started to research the best free applications for Instagram. After reading about multiple applications, I have narrowed the search down to my 3 favorites. You probably only need one of these but for some reason I like to have all three for different options in layouts and editing.

Simple and friendly. This app is easy to use for the basic need to upgrade your Instagram images. You can choose from multiple frames that are clean, modern and fresh. Be aware: with the various options, it is possible to also edit your images into a cluttered, cheesy and unprofessional look as well.

This app allows you to really customize your Instagram editing. Rather than applying a simple filter, Snapseed allows you to customize your image specifically with various levels for saturation, color, and tilt shift modifications. If you want a very specific look for your images, this is your app. When I downloaded the app it was free; however, I have heard there are streaks where this app costs a few dollars as well.

FrameMagic is another app that I would use if I didn’t use Instacollage. This app has multiple options for layouts, although there are only a select few that are free and have the basic tools to update each image to the next level.

Overall, each of these are good quality apps to step up your Instagram account. We are also seeing more custom frames for Instagram, like this one for Sundog. These custom branded frames can be easily done in Photoshop to create a more branded or custom feel.

Sundog Instagram Frame


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