Business and Instagram

As Instagram is growing quickly, more and more businesses are launching into this space. While it is the right space for some businesses, others businesses might find their time utilized and focused better in other networks.

In May, 2012 stated the majority of Instagram users are within the ages of 18-25 (34%) and under 18 (23.5%).  However, I have a feeling these demographics have grown since last May.

When starting an Instagram strategy for your business, it’s important to understand how users are already talking and sharing about your brand. Listening once again jumps to the forefront of this social strategy. You can start listening in Instagram by searching brand keywords through hashtags. Seeing how your customers, patients or clients communicate about your brand will help set goals and understand how your customers are using the space.

Now that you know the importance of listening before forming a strategy, let’s talk about the types of businesses that have a significant customer base on Instagram. Any type of business that has a visual focused aspect to their work will more than likely see Instagram as a great tool. Restaurants, apparel, photography, coffee, fashion, entertainment and more have been successfully using the space to build a brand relationship with their customers.
Here are a few examples of successful brands using Instagram.

Jamie Oliver

Campaigns can also benefit through Instagram using a hashtag. Hashtags are a great way to get users in real time to connect and support the campaign. Here are a few examples of campaign hashtags.

Ford Fiesta – #fiestagram
HGTV – #lovehome
RedBull – #shareyourwings

Sports Illustrated has also stepped up by taking Instagram photos from reporters and publishing them in their magazine. This is taking a digital form and moving it to print, which is a great way to tie two marketing mediums together.

There are many ways to include Instagram into your marketing strategy and build on user generated content. Start with listening and then talk about what the goals are for your brand. Instagram is growing significantly, is this space worth your time?

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