Corporate-sponsored science: How Redbull does it the right way

Corporate-sponsored science for brand recognition is nothing new in our ad driven world, but Redbull manages to excel in this area of sponsorship.

Past notable sponsorships include Shaklee corporation’s sponsorship of the 1988 Daedalus, which broke the record for distance for human powered aircraft, and Watchmaker Breitling’s sponsorship in 1999 of the first successful round the world balloon flight. (ABCNews)

With the fall of NASA’s budget and researchers always looking for funding, companies and scientists could benefit from each other. Redbull accomplished this by branding the stratus jump, but making sure the science of the project wasn’t diluted.

lest you doubt the scientific merits of Baumgartner’s stunt, the AP talked to NASA engineers who say it could definitely improve spacesuit design and emergency escape systems for astronauts. (Newswer)

Will we see a rise in branded scientific breakthroughs? What do you think?

Comic courtesy of mattbors


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