Three Mobile Trends That Affect Your Content

Mobile content strategy continues to evolve at a dizzying pace.

Over the past several months, two significant books have been published, Google released research on mobile behaviors, webinars and conference sessions have popped up, and we’re discussing it constantly with clients and internal teams.

Three trends directly impact mobile content:

Smartphones and tablets are rapidly converging. Does your organization view smartphones and tablets as separate experiences? Think again: We now have five-inch smartphones and seven-inch tablets, and 6.1-inch smartphones will hit the market soon. Although they remain unique devices, the gap is shrinking. Viewing them as islands is becoming shortsighted.

Predicting mobile context is challenging (at best). We’re more likely to perform certain tasks on certain devices, and the user experience must match the device. At the same time, it’s challenging to make blanket assumptions about the contexts of mobile users. As Karen McGrane wrote in the introduction to Content Strategy for Mobile, her must-read book:

When we say someone is on mobile, all we know is they’re using a device that is…not a desktop. We know very little about what they see and how they interact … All we know is that we can’t really count on anything.

Our mobile habits frequently overlap with other devices. Without thinking about it, we find a product on our smartphone and purchase it on our laptop. We check Twitter on our tablet while watching the big game on TV.

This “multi-screening” behavior was summarized in a Google report last year. According to their research, 90% of us move between devices to complete a goal – whether it’s sequentially or simultaneously – and we often use search to pick up where we left off. These transition points represent a major content and user experience challenge.

The mobile revolution is just getting started, and the need is clear: organizations must develop a durable, sustainable content strategy that’s ready for any device or platform.

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