Don’t Forget About Mobile When Testing Emails

With hundreds of devices, screen sizes, email clients, and versions out there, where should email tests focus to ensure a positive experience for the greatest number of email recipients? Recent trends reveal that the popularity of desktop email clients has steadily waned over the last several years as a direct response to the mobile boom.

Mobile devices now hold a strong lead over desktop and web-based email clients, opening 40% of emails, according to Campaign Monitor. This is a significant chunk of the market and deserves close attention when testing emails.

Here are some popular email clients to test for on both standard and mobile email clients.

Table of email client market share

When testing emails, keep your known audience in mind and test for them specifically. If a majority of your recipients use Lotus Notes or a Windows phone (highly unlikely since both are only a tiny sliver of the market), then pencil those onto the testing checklist. Your particular audience is the most important and making sure that they receive a high-quality email is priority number one.

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