How Important Is Social Media to Casinos?

When you have one of the oldest customer bases of any industry, it might be easy to think that social media isn’t going to have much impact. After all, Facebook and Twitter were started by the kiddos for the kiddos. Right?

Nope. Casinos that ignore the impact that social media is having across all demographics will soon lag behind their competitors. A new infographic from shows the impact social media is having, and how it’s being misunderstood.

Quite simply, as the footprint of social media continues to grow, it also continues to grow in the older demographics. And along with the growth in numbers, there is tremendous growth in the amount of time being spent on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

When you’re the admin for casino social media pages, keep some important details in mind:
• Social media users will likely be younger, on average, than your overall customer base.
• Social media users will likely skew female…maybe as much as 65%.
• Social media is a conversation…not a megaphone. Listen. Respond. Be Genuine.
• Social media users tend to more mobile (15%-20%)—so keep content in mind that can be easily viewed and understood by those using smartphones and pad devices. infographic

For great commentary on the infographic, check out for yourself.

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