The Explosion of Vine

Vine Logo

This month, Twitter’s six-second video sharing tool, Vine, has picked up momentum. The mobile sharing app allows users to capture a story with quick editing and simple features. Its current app store rank is #23 in the U.S.  Currently, many are exploring the tool and using it for fun, but we want to determine if there is a real business value with Vine.

Jay Baer stated in the latest Baer Facts, “People are falling in love with tools and not with strategy.”  This is what we are seeing across the board with Vine right now as it continues to gather users and enter the social space. We see many users playing with the tool and testing it out, but strategy from a business end still needs to be developed. Vine is valuable when telling a good story and sharing great content.

Here are a few examples of how Vine is being used by a few companies including Toyota, Dove and Wheat Thins. For those that are spending time and energy in the space, it will be interesting to see if the energy is adding value for the brand.

I have had fun exploring the tool, although most of the videos I have been watching are home videos that don’t necessarily tell a story. Most of the videos I have watched are general daily outings and nothing too valuable. Personally, I would like the app to tighten their privacy settings by allowing me to decide who can follow me and who cannot. It seems my profile is public as it’s linked through my public Twitter account. I would have to start another Twitter account that is private and a new Vine account to keep my Vine posts private.

One set back Vine has already encountered just this week, Vine had to update its age rating to 17+ as frequent videos on Vine were displaying nudity.  Earlier, the apps age regulation was for 12 years old and up.

As the network is new and continues to grow, items still to be explored about this network. Vine has a few legs and it will be fun to see where the space grows. I think Jay Baer sums it up well when he states, “It’s another tool in the toolbox for people that use it well.”

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