Sundog Spotlight: ERIN

Isn’t it time you met another Sundogger? Allow me to introduce you to Erin Heinrich, one of our newest project managers!

Position at Sundog:
I’m a Project Manager, so I get to work on a little bit of everything and work with a lot of different people. I keep stuff organized.

First impression of Sundog:
I just finished my first few weeks and I can’t get over how crazy-talented everyone is here. It’s like getting to sit at the cool kids table, but all the cool kids are REALLY nice.….and a little intimidating. But in a really good way. 🙂

What brought you to Fargo:
I am originally from Northern MN and came to Fargo to attend NDSU. Go Bison! Aside from a short time when I moved to Minneapolis right after college, I have been here ever since.

Go-to beverage:
Coffee, coffee, and coffee. And when coffee doesn’t do the trick, a glass of red wine.

Favorite Meme:
Grumpy cat! His sweet face makes me laugh every time. He can say what I am sometimes thinking, but am too nice to say.

Thing you can’t live without:
I am going to be completely cliché and say my family. I have a wonderful husband (Nate) and two beautiful daughters (Addy and Ella). I am also the oldest of 6 kids—4 sisters and 1 brother. We are all very close and try to get together as much as possible.

Favorite TV show:
I can’t pick just one….Duck Dynasty, The Office, Big Bang Theory, Friends, and Hoarders top the list….

Thing you collect:
Shoes, lots and lots of shoes.

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