Google+ Sign-In and Over-the-air Installs

Google announced that Google+ Sign-In is now a part of Google Play Services.  I have written before about Google Play Services and some of the cool things it does.  Essentially Google Play Services is Google’s platform that allows integration to Google products.

The addition of Google+ Sign-In now gives you the option of bringing over information from the users profile when creating accounts for your website or app.  This makes it very easy for developers to create authentication and registration code.  Along with this update, what I feel is the biggest announcement is that of Over-the-air Installs.

OTA installs lets you link your Android application with your website.  This allows you the ability to install the associate application to the users device when they register.  It provides seamless integration between their web account and the application.  The user no longer has to follow a link from their device or try to search through the Play Store to find the application they need.  This improves greatly upon the user experience.

Another notable addition to the Google+ Sign-In is Interactive Posts.  An interactive post is a way for the user to share on their Google+ feed and allows developers to add calls to action directly in the post.  The user is always in control of who can see the post via their circles and really provides a great way for interaction between the users and their followers with a website or app.

I think that there is a lot of potential in the mobile space for features like these to take off and provide users with a great experience.  The key will be to get great ideas of how to use them off and running.  More Google+ users wouldn’t hurt either!

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