What Does Fearless Content Creation Look Like?

You probably know what the opposite (read: bad) kind of content creation looks like; businesses too afraid to be anything but bland, posting the same generic “corporate speak” messages over and over again, day in and day out.

And that is content crap. No one cares about a jargon filled, euphemism laden sales pitch. Seriously, no one. It’s boring, it doesn’t do anything for anyone (even people who would benefit from what your company has to offer), and it is the farthest thing from personal.

So what does the opposite look like? It looks like this:

Oreo shows off thier personality in marketing.

Can you even imagine the incredible amount of courage it took to post that? It’s scary to have an opinion, and to share it in a way that is the equivalent of standing on a box screaming at millions of people. I’m sure they knew people would get mad, they probably even anticipated the protest of their products that happened. But look at those stats: 297,194 likes; 60,248 comments; and 90,691 shares. That is pretty incredible. The brand stood by what they did, saying that the message reflected their values as a company, and it was a fun way to share that.  And, backlash aside, it certainly got them some attention, and served as a great reflection of who the brand is.

Or how about this:

Cosmo magazines shows off thier personality with marketing

Not exactly highbrow, certainly not corporate, but 100% on target with their audience. Sure, telling someone to “eff off” might not sit right with some (or even a lot) of folks, but Cosmopolitan doesn’t care. They know their audience, and their entire twitter feed is filled with the kind of messages readers of Cosmo (in all of their 10 hot sex tips glory) want to read.

Does that mean your company needs to take a stand on a controversial issue or start using racy language? No, unless who you are truly demands it. The point is, your company must have some sort of personality. Your employees certainly do, your customers as well. What is it? Are you the law firm that is relentless in search of justice for your clients? Are you a research lab full of nerds who could be on The Big Bang Theory? Are you the yoga studio committed to making people feel their best? Are you the restaurant dedicated to supporting local farmers? Are you a nonprofit making a difference in the lives of children? Are you a technology company ‘geeking’ out over the newest gadgets? Are you an insurance agency that will work all night to help a family start rebuilding their lives after a loss? Whoever you are, bring it out. Don’t hide it behind a bunch of corporate junk. No one, I repeat no one, cares about your stupid corporate junk.

Is it scary? Yes. Will it make a difference? Absolutely. So stop being so afraid.

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