Mobile March TC 2013

Last week a group of Sundoggers, including myself, made our way down the the Twin Cities to attend Mobile March TC 2013.  As a whole the conference was an improvement over years past.  There was a ton of great information presented at the conference from Business, Strategy, Development and Mobile Gaming.

Over the next few days I will be sifting through my notes from the conference and presenting to you the highlights of the conference.  It will be like you were there without having to actually take the time out of your day to go!

I was luckily able to attend some great sessions that pertained to all of the tracks presented.  Some of the information learned was information I have heard before but in my mind it just solidifies the importance of Mobile in today’s business.

I am excited for the future of mobile and it’s every change landscape.  If you were able to attend Mobile March, what are your thoughts?

The Mobile March crew:



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