10 Ways Google Is Taking Over Your Digital Life

It seems that every time I turn around, Google is introducing something new. How many of these Google products are you using to manage your digital life?

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  1. Google Search– Yes, this one is the most obvious, but really, how many of you “Bing” or “Yahoo” something? That’s what I thought.
  2. Gmail– Another pretty obvious one, but I’m willing to bet that if you’d have asked your employer five years ago what they’d be using for an email client, I can almost guarantee that a Google product would’ve been the furthest thing from their mind.
  3. Google Drive– This encompasses Google Docs (which I’m using to write this right now) as well as the cloud storage side. Would you have thought 5 years ago that internet connections would be as widespread and reliable (and only getting better) as they are now? I sure wouldn’t have trusted it to store and work on documents that I actually care about.
  4. Calendar– What’s a datebook? Or even an assignment notebook for that matter (for you students out there). When I used a paper-based schedule/task/assignment book I would always forget to check it to make sure I was where I was supposed to be, doing what I was supposed to do. Now I get an email and push notification to make sure I’m getting my stuff done.
  5. Google+– Say what you will about Google’s social network endeavor, I’m actually using it. A year ago, I would’ve said G+ was on the way out, but it’s now the glue that holds all of Google’s various product offerings together. It’s nearly impossible to be totally separate from G+ if you use any Google product.
  6. Picasa– This lightweight photo-editing tool is an excellent way to make basic edits and corrections to digital photos, as well as providing a way to organize them. The latest version has Google+ tightly integrated.
  7. YouTube– When it comes to sharing that cute video of that thing your cat/dog/child just did, where do you go to host and share it? Yep, another fine Google product.
  8. Android – With a 52% market share, the smartphone operating system is nothing to trifle with. It’s already difficult to imagine a world without smartphones, and Google’s OS has come a long way since its introduction in 2008.
  9. Maps– Seriously, if you’re not an iPhone user, do you even use anything else but Google Maps? I remember the heyday of MapQuest, but they just don’t compare to the awesomeness that is Google Maps.
  10. Glass – This one hasn’t taken our lives yet, but one year from now, I think we’ll have an idea of whether this wearable device is a useful piece of engineering or if it is simply the newest version of the ‘bluetooth douche’.


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