Advice to Banks: Don’t “Park” your LinkedIn Page

In its annual survey of financial marketers, the team at The Financial Brand found this disparity: While close to half of banks and credit unions claim they are “using” LinkedIn, very few in practice are actually updating their pages or taking advantage of basic features available to them. Advice to bankers from Financial Brand: “Setting up a page on LinkedIn and customizing profile information does not constitute utilization. It’s called ‘parking your page.’”

In response, The Financial Brand offers key recommendations for bankers to improve their LinkedIn company page and boost followers. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Add a “Hero” photo or graphic to your page – this could be a banner or text-based message. A majority (66.0%) of the financial institutions studied by The Financial Brand did not include a hero image.
  • Add content and video to your “Products and Services” tab. Financial Brand’s research indicated 71.5% of LinkedIn pages reviewed had zero information in the “Products” tab that’s built into every company page. Also, you can add YouTube video by pasting the video’s URL into a box in the LinkedIn admin dashboard.
  • Ask for Product and Service reviews. Granted, this may make bankers nervous, but LinkedIn allows its users to recommend a financial institution’s products and services.
  • Publish updates regularly. Out of 200 banks and credit unions on LinkedIn studied by The Financial Brand, only 43 have ever published at least one update. The other 78.5% “have never said a peep.”
  • Use “Featured Updates” to highlight your best content. This allows you to tack or “pin” a key post at the top of your stream so it’s the first thing people see.
  • Utilize the Career tab. Financial Brand reports only 12% of all banks and credit unions utilize LinkedIn’s “Career” tab on their company page. For a fee, bankers can obtain a full suite of features for promoting careers.
  • Promote your page. Out of 200 financial institutions studied by The Financial Brand, 18 were active on LinkedIn but didn’t bother promoting their company page on their website. Advice? Use your website, contact page, blog, email signatures, newsletters, etc. to build followers.
  • Finally, take LinkedIn seriously. The Financial Brand says if you adopt a “set-it-and-forget-it” parking-lot strategy, you won’t find success with LinkedIn, or any other social media channel for that matter.

For more information and examples, review the full list of LinkedIn recommendations posted at The Financial Brand.


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