Getting Logged-in userId in Salesforce Hybrid Mobile App

If you are building a Salesforce Hybrid Mobile Application and like me are having issues trying to find documentation on how to perform certain actions, this blog might help you out. The issue I was having was the lack of documentation around getting the current logged in userId after you were logged into the application.

I did some searching and was not very successful in finding the answer. None of the sample hybrid apps within the SDK displayed how to get the user information. So I started digging in the code. The most helpful place I found in the sample app was in the SalesforceOAuthPlugin.js file. Here there is a getAuthCredentials function which returns a Cordova dictionary of accessToken, refreshToken, clientId, userId, orgId, loginUrl, instanceUrl, and userAgent.

After seeing this, I was sure this is what I needed. The issue now was trying to find out where this was used within the sample application. If you look in the index.html file there is a function called onDeviceReady which initiates getAuthCredentials and registers an event listener that refreshes the SFDC session calling the salesforceSessionRefreshed function when completed.

So this is where the magic happens:

function salesforceSessionRefreshed(creds) {
var credsData = creds;
if( Event sets the `data` object with the auth data.
credsData =;
//Set the userId from credentials to a local variable
userId = credsData.userId;

Now we have userId instantiated with the current user’s Id. This is now available for any subsequent queries you may need to make that are unique to the current user.

I am not sure why there is not more documentation around this as this seems to be one of the things that anyone building a Salesforce Hybrid Mobile application would be using but there it is. Hopefully it helps you out and saves you some time from looking all over.

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