5 Common Questions in Social Media

With social being a hot topic in today’s world, let’s take a look at a few common questions from businesses today.

Why social media?
I believe social media can help humanize your brand while building trust and relationships with your customers. It can also bring in leads as this avenue is another way to connect with your audience in real time. In order to be successful in social, the role takes talent and time while being relevant and proving quality content.

What if I don’t listen to what people are saying about us?
Companies that listen to their brand, competitors and industry online may be able to identifying future opportunities and staying ahead of mentions using listening as a risk management strategy. Listening will also identify who your community advocates are, allow you to turn negative influencers in to a positive relationship and can identify future advertising opportunities. As you analyze these conversations, you might find you may learn something from the audience that you may want to adjust your strategy.

I started a Facebook Page, now what?
Now it’s time to pause! Please begin to map out your social strategy. This will include the tone of voice, posting frequency and what you plan to share and how often. It’s best to plan out a content calendar while mapping it back to your other marketing strategies.

How do I know what networks to focus on?
It’s important to know where your audience is participating already. This can be done by listening first to who is talking and connecting in what networks about your brand. Maybe a Pinterest strategy is best as your audience is 75% female. After you take a look and determine what networks to be on, it’s best to rank the networks in terms of priority. I would recommend being successful in a couple before you jump into all of them at once.

How do I handle negative comments on social media?
In order to handle negative comments online, it is best to plan out a response strategy for common questions and negative posts. I would also recommend connecting with the person in the avenue they reached out in and then driving the conversation offline to discuss.

Have more questions?! Feel free to comment on this blog or reach out to me at @grevealyssa and I would be happy to include your question in another blog post!

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