MARKETO SUMMIT 2013: How to Optimize Social for Lead Generation

Next up is Renee Cook, a senior team lead who tackles everything media as part of our marketing department.

Thoughts on the Summit so far? The summit has been great. The keynotes have been exceptional, conveying strong messages about the future of marketing, where it is headed and the importance of automating. Marketo is definitely a forward-thinking company and they have made a lot of exciting announcements about new enhancements that will soon be released and incorporated into their marketing platform.
What was your favorite session? How to Optimize Social for Lead Generation by Jason Miller from Marketo and Koka Sexton from LinkedIn
What did you learn? Social media is not magic, and that unrealistic promises are killing social. Marketers need to stop promising something they can’t realistically deliver just to reel in customers. What you should focus on instead, is optimizing your social channels for lead generation. Prospective customers are going to your Facebook page, they have watched your videos on YouTube, and they have checked you out on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. In fact, 70% of the buying cycle is complete before the customer is even ready to talk to a sales person.

Here are the 5 Essentials for Social Lead Generation Success
1. Remember that inbound is not enough. You need paid (outbound) media with your inbound media to reach friends of friends and establish the peer-to-peer connection.
2. Follow the 411 rule. For every one self-serving tweet, you should re-tweet one relevant tweet and most importantly share four pieces of relevant content written by others.
3. Content is king. Content is what fuels lead generation. So repurpose your content and source your channels with it.
4. Utilize social signals. Social signals influence Google (SEO +Social Media)
5. Find Advocates. Leverage your employees and current advocates to build, promote and strengthen your brand.

And 5 Main Channel Must-Dos for Creating Social Leads
1. Twitter: You need organic and promoted tweets. Don’t be afraid to pay to promote your own good content. Encourage your advocates to tweet and re-tweet your messages and expertise. And, always remember to test, measure and optimize your content. Try different versions of the same piece of content; see what works and what doesn’t.
2. Facebook: Facebook works for B2B lead generation and is an affordable option. Use your real estate wisely. Publish landing pages within Facebook, entertain prospects there, and promote offers. Entertaining content always gets more engagement than content that sells, and visuals are vital—post shareable photos.
3. Google+: Include keywords and relevant links on your about page, set up Google authorship for SEO benefits, and show an avatar on your blog posts to get better results. In terms of content, demonstrate your expertise, use keywords and rich descriptions, utilize both paid and earned media, and share great content that is both visually appealing and worth the read. You can also consider including a shareable presentation.
4. LinkedIn: Make the most of this social channel by sharing content, building your network of business associates and leads, staying active within your groups and sharing things your network is actually interested in—like industry news and research, not just your own content. Expand your reach by asking for recommendations, and watch the bookmark signal to see who is sharing your content.
5. YouTube: Optimize your company’s channel as well as individual videos, ask for subscribers, and encourage comments.
What’s the most important takeaway for our clients and other marketers? According to Nielsen, company-to-buyer trust is 33% but buyer-to-buyer trust is 92% — that’s why it is so important to get others to share your content. So, embrace social. Do not be afraid to take calculated risks. Cost per prospect/lead can be very minimal compared to other channels. So get out there, have fun and be creative.


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