Lighting for video

When it comes to production, lighting is ‘key’ for a quality image. Oftentimes it is the first thing to go when working inside a tight budget, but lighting does two major things for your video that shouldn’t be overlooked.

First, it’s what sets the stage. What you choose to hide in the shadows is just as important as what you choose to light. Lighting the environment you are in instead of always choosing to use ambient light will help you in directing the viewers eyes to the parts of the image you want them to look at.

Second, it helps set your video apart. With the river of video we look through today, it is a battle to try and get your video up onto the bank where your viewers’ are more likely to pick it up. This can be accomplished with lighting by giving your video a look and feel. How you light can portray emotion, it can give the whole video a coherent look, and it can tell your viewer what is important.

Lighting can be exciting. Each location brings it’s own problems and hurdles to work with, but if you continue to push yourself, you can learn from each setup. I for one feel like I will always have something to be taught about light and lighting techniques. Shane Hurlbut gives some great lessons in lighting techniques he has learned over his extensive years as a DP in Hollywood. You can read his blog here.

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