Marketo Summit: An Analysis of Sundog’s Experience

We attended the annual Marketo Summit 2013 in San Francisco, a three-day event that hosts a number of marketing and sales professionals. This year’s summit provided attendees with key insights into customer relationship marketing and marketing automation best practices. As we are one of Marketo’s Preferred Services Partners, we were so excited to attend the event (and as an added bonus, escape our six-month long winter and enjoy some warm weather). In addition to sharing our experience across multiple social media channels, we had the chance to meet a lot of great people—both online and offline.

The majority of the conversation around “Sundog” and “#MUS13” happened on Twitter, generating a total of 62 mentions. Well-known Twitter users @jowyang, @marketo, @kokasexton, @jasonmillerca and @jonmiller mentioned @sundogtweets, increasing our reach by 542,717 followers. In addition to our efforts on Twitter, we recently launched our Vine account and wanted to debut our channel with videos from the summit in a fun, personable way. In doing so, we gave our audience a behind-the-scenes look at our journey from Fargo to San Fran. The summit videos acquired 14 Likes and four Comments, and created a lot of engagement on Twitter.

Conversation Cloud

We also wanted to provide our clients and other marketers with key takeaways, as well as a unique perspective, through blog posts from several Sundoggers who attended the summit. These blog posts not only generated an increase in Unique Pageviews and Visits to our blog, but also engagement on Twitter from the presenters themselves. You can check out the informative—and witty, if you ask me—blog posts here: How to Optimize Social for Lead Generation, Leveraging the Dynamic Customer Journey, 10 Ways to Optimize Marketo System Performance and The Social Business Professional Keynote.

Marketo Tweet

Overall, our goal was to share our experience at the summit and educate our audience with valuable tips we learned at each session. Here are some things we learned while on this journey: First, blog about your experience at an event and share your expertise, while educating your audience with key takeaways. Second, have fun with it and let your personality shine through; don’t be too technical. Third, extend your conference experience online by asking questions, talking about key insights and making new connections. Finally (and I think we can all agree on this one), Marketo rocks. We had a great time at the summit, learned a lot of valuable information that we were able to share across multiple social networks and met some great people along the way.

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