Closer Look at Salesforce’s Acquisition of ExactTarget


Last week, announced that they would be acquiring ExactTarget for approximately $2.5 billion.  This purchase of ExactTarget rounds out Salesforce’s marketing toolset, which also includes tools brought about through the prior acquisitions of Radian6 and BuddyMedia.

This move by Salesforce continues to bring support to Sundog’s Marketing+Technology vision.  As part of establishing this overall vision, Sundog saw the benefits of cloud computing as a means to support and extend marketing capabilities.  We became a partner in 2007, having recognized Salesforce as an innovator in both the areas of cloud computing and managing customer data.

Subsequently, we have identified several other tools that we feel provide the best functionality in support of our Marketing+Technology vision.  When Salesforce acquired Radian6, it was already Sundog’s tool of choice for Social Media listening and engagement.  Similarly, having recognized the capabilities of ExactTarget, Sundog became an ExactTarget partner in 2008.  As such, the move by Salesforce to purchase ExactTarget, affirms our view of ExactTarget being a leading digital marketing platform.  We are excited to see how Salesforce’s purchase of ExactTarget continues to evolve the capabilities for marketers and their companies.

Along with our excitement for the ExactTarget acquisition, Sundog remains committed to leveraging a best-in-class set of technologies to support our Marketing+Technology vision.  This toolset includes both ExactTarget and Marketo for maximizing marketing capabilities through automation.  Both of these tools have been recognized by Gartner as industry leaders in the area of Lead Management.

Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Lead Management

Source: Gartner (April 2013)

While ExactTarget and Marketo do overlap some in terms of their strengths and capabilities, Sundog affirms our choice in these tools and is committed to both Marketo and the complete Salesforce platform, including ExactTarget.  We are excited by the possibilities that lie ahead for leveraging both Marketo and ExactTarget/Salesforce in support of our vision for Marketing+Technology and we will continue to use these tools to extend the capabilities of our clients.

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