Coding In The Cloud

I have always had the belief that eventually we will be able to do most anything through a browser.  This is one of the reasons I have been excited about Chrome OS from it’s beginning.  Chrome, in it’s current state, can do a lot.  I would say that 95% of what I do on a computer is done and done well in a browser.  So what is that other 5%?  For me it is almost explicitly coding.

I have always thought that a coding solution in the cloud would be awesome.  I could use the power of the cloud to do most of the processing and I could use a very thin client to accomplish what would only be available with large, expensive hardware.  I have even gone as far as building a sudo cloud coding solution with my own servers that would do the work and I would be able to do that work from any platform as long as it had a browser.  This worked pretty well but was hard to maintain and I did not have the time to put into it to make it good.

It would seem that there are a number of other people that think the same way as I do as there are number of different solutions emerging.  At Google I/O there was a company being represented called CodEnvy.  They have an interesting solution that is continually growing.  They are constantly adding new SDK’s and support for different PaaS.

One of the main benefits of using something like CodEnvy is it takes something like setting up a development machine that used to take a developer somewhere between 6-8 hours to set up can now be done in seconds in the cloud.  I will be most excited when there is full support for building Android and iOS applications.  There is talk about opening up the platform so other developers can code their own solutions.

If you would like to watch a good video outlining CodEnvy, check out this video from Google Developers.  My favorite takeaway is that CodEnvy is built on CodEnvy.

Have you used CodEnvy or any other cloud coding solution?  What are your thoughts?

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