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Being a Computer Science student has its perks – You get a lot of latest software for free through a Microsoft program called Dreamspark. A few months back I was browsing through my Dreamspark account to see if Microsoft had a new gift for me and I found Windows 8 Professional for Free! I was surprised because at that time it wasn’t available for public. I could see a Windows 8 icon on the page with a white light shining behind it, inviting me to try it out. I put my cold beverage down and started the download. It took around an hour and few more cold beverages before it was completely downloaded.

I installed it right away and cancelled my dentist appointment to play around on it. After it was installed and prepared my desktop, it took me to a different layout that I had never seen before in real life! Microsoft called it the “Metro Layout”. I called it “I-really-don’t-care-for-it Layout”. It basically displays your apps as tiles. Even though it is a nice display and quick access to all my apps but being a desktop PC user with keyboard, mouse and other fun stuff, I didn’t find it much helpful. It took me a little while and a few swear words to figure out how to get to the traditional desktop. The only way to get to that magic world was hidden inside the “Desktop” tile on the “I-really-don’t-care-for-it Layout”.

After I got there, I noticed that there was no Start button. At first it didn’t bother me because I usually don’t use the Start button much or at least that’s what I thought until it was snatched away from me in Windows 8.

Just recently, Microsoft announced that they will be bringing back the Start button in Windows 8.1 which was a free upgrade for Windows 8 users. I was happy and excited for the news until I saw the reviews online that 8.1 Start button is not actually the real Start button that we have been used to. All it does is take you to the “I-really-don’t-care-for-it Layout”.

I just switched back to Windows 7 a couple days back and I am happy, stress-free and life is getting back to normal again.

I am sure a lot people love the new Windows 8 layout but I would stick with the traditional Windows look for now.

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